May 21st – YAPN3

The 3rd meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network will be on 21st May, in Seminar Room 2, Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied CETL, University of Leeds.

Location: Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IDEA CETL), 8-12 Fenton Street (just off Woodhouse Lane, opposite Old Broadcasting House / Leeds Met ‘rusty tower’), Leeds. LS2 9JT

15-20 mins walk from Leeds Railway Station. Directions here.


10:00-12:30 Reading Group

Plato Republic IV, 435-445 (using Grube/Reeve translation, publ. Hackett)

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Stephen Makin (Sheffield)

“Amusing Gorgias: Why does the Encomium of Helen end as it does?”

15:00-15:15 Coffee

15:15-16:45 James Wilberding (Newcastle)

“Secret Life of Plants in Galen”

If you are planning to attend, please contact Amber Carpenter, Jamie Dow or Antony Hatzistavrou as soon as possible. We aim to circulate papers about a week in advance, and presume to have read them ahead of the meeting.


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