YAPN (CHiPhi) Dates for 2010-11

We are now officially a research group within the Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi – pronounced as the two Greek letters), so have this appended to our name. More details about this centre at http://www.chiphi.eu.

Dates for 2010-11 are as follows:

  • 5th November (York)
  • 28th January (Hull)
  • 20th May (Leeds) – (AMENDED from 13/5 originally announced)

The 5th November will be designated as part of the CHiPhi calendar, and will be subsidised accordingly for staff and students attending from the White Rose universities.

The format for each of these days will be a reading group in the morning, and 2 or more research papers in the afternoon.

The first two sessions (5/11 and 28/1), the text for the reading group will again be Plato, Republic, focusing on the portions relevant to poetry and aesthetics. We will read passages from Rep II and III in November, and Rep X in January.


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