28th Oct 2011 YAPN (CHiPhi) in Leeds

Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi): Workshop on Ancient Philosophy, organised by the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network, a research group within CHiPhi.


We can no longer use the IDEA CETL building, because of jammed shutters. We will use the Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI). Seminar Room 3 of the Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI).
The LHRI is at 29-31 Clarendon Place, no. 25 on campus map: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/campusmap

If you find your way to the IDEA CETL building, you basically need to carry on up Woodhouse Lane towards the Parkinson Building (big white building with tower and front steps), turn left just before the Parkinson building, and go under a “bridge” (a 1st floor corridor) and keep going through a pedestrianised bit of campus. You should veer slightly left and down some steps in order to go past the Students Union Building and University House on your left. You eventually get to various roads with brick houses on your left, one of which is Clarendon Place. If you turn left onto Clarendon Place, the LHRI is quite soon on the right.

Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IDEA CETL), 8-12 Fenton Street (just off Woodhouse Lane, opposite Old Broadcasting House / Leeds Met ‘rusty tower’), Leeds. LS2 9JT

15-20 mins walk from Leeds Railway Station. Directions here.


10:00-12:30 Reading Group

Aristotle Physics VII, 241b35-250b5 (Amber Carpenter leading discussion)

12:30-13:30 Lunch (own arrangements)

13:30-15:30 Malcolm Heath (Leeds)

“’Lobsters’ claws, hairy chests and edible animals: Aristotle and the meaning of everything”

15:30-16:00 Coffee

16:00-18:00 Antony Hatzistavrou (Hull)

“Socrates and the authority of the Laws in the Crito

19.00 Dinner (venue: Red Chilli Restaurant, Great George Street, walking distance from Leeds railway station)

The cost of dinner (not incl. drinks) is covered by the Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi) for staff and students of the White Rose Universities (Leeds, York, Sheffield), as are their travel costs from their home institution (i.e. Sheffield or York to Leeds).

If you are planning to attend the sessions and/or the dinner, please contact Jamie Dow as soon as possible. We aim to circulate papers about a week in advance.


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