Aristotle on Fallacious Arguments – July 4-5th, Leeds

Just an initial announcement of plans for a workshop on “Aristotle on Fallacious Arguments – in the Topics/SE and Rhetoric” – a workshop on sophisms, merely apparent syllogisms and merely apparent enthymemes in Aristotle’s rhetoric and dialectic.


Christof Rapp (LMU, Munich)
Jakob Fink (University of Copenhagen)
Valentina Di Lascio (Durham / CHS Harvard)
Jamie Dow (Leeds)


The event is planned as one of the early-stage events in a larger project on ancient rhetoric and dialectic, and how these connect with broader ethical issues about the ethics of persuasion, influence and leadership. The project, “Leading Minds” is outlined on its website here:

July 4-5th, 2014.
Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre, 8-12 Fenton Street, University of Leeds.

More details to follow (some of which will be dependent on funding applications still pending).


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