Discourse and Persuasion – Ancient and Modern. Conference. 18-20th Sept, Leeds.

Advance notice of the date and preliminary details (more to follow here).

“Discourse and Persuasion – Ancient and Modern” – 18-20th September, 2014, University of Leeds.

Conference on Ancient Rhetoric and Dialectic in dialogue with issues in Contemporary Leadership Ethics.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • MM McCabe (King’s College London)
  • Dominic Scott (University of Virginia / University of Kent)
  • Ian McCready-Flora (Columbia University / St Louis University)
  • Joanne Ciulla (Jepson School of Leadership, University of Richmond)
  • Jackie Ford (Leeds University Business School)
  • Raphael Woolf (King’s College London)

The primary aim of the conference is to chart the scope of the Leading Minds research project as a whole, of which it constitutes one of the first events. It will serve this function by means of a series of papers and roundtable discussions exploring possible fruitful avenues for research. The ancient focus (~5 papers) will be on dialectic and rhetoric, and the modern focus (~3 papers) would be on argument-based influence in contemporary leadership.

There is an outline website for the Leading Minds research project in Ancient Rhetoric and Dialectic and Contemporary Leadership Ethics here:


The funding for the conference has not as yet been secured, and much of the above depends on these applications. This is a preliminary announcement of the date and intended details, as they stand at present.


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