Stoics, Leadership and Persuasion – Reading Group – Leeds

There is to be a reading group on topics related to ‘leadership’ in the Stoics, based in the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre from April to June, 2014. The dates and times scheduled are given below. (NOTE: times are all 9-11am, which is a change from some previous publicity)

The plan is to read a variety of texts (in English translation) related to the early Stoa, and touching on the way in which the Stoa itself was led, and the ways in which the early Stoics thought of the influence and leadership that (a) the leaders of the school exerted on its participants; (b) that Stoic teachers exercised on those coming to learn about Stoicism; and (c) that the Stoic sage was envisaged as exerting persuasive influence on the non-sage.

15th April 9-11am

29th April 9-11am – click for further details.

13th May 9-11am

29th May 9-11am

5th June 9-11am

17th June 9-11am

All meetings are in the IDEA Centre main building, 8-12 Fenton Street.

The convener is John Baldari (PhD students, IDEA): All interested are very welcome to attend. It is not essential to book, feel free simply to turn up. But it might be helpful (for any handouts, or any advance distribution of material, etc.) where possible to get in touch with the convener ahead of time, if you may be interested in attending.

Where possible reading material and further details will be updated on this page, or linked from here.


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