YAPN (CHiPhi) 9th June, 2015 – Leeds + extra festivities!

The summer 2015 meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network, within the Centre for the History of Philosophy, will be in Leeds, on 9th June, 2015. It will be immediately followed by a reception and book launch for Jamie Dow’s recently-published monograph Passions and Persuasion in Aristotle’s Rhetoric. The day’s events will be at the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre, Fenton Street, University of Leeds. Details are as follows.


9.30-10.00 Tea / Coffee

10.00-12.00 Reading Group: Aristotle, Rhetoric 1.11-15.

12.00-1.00 Lunch (provided)

1.00-2.10 Matthew Duncombe (Durham University) – “Relative entities and the Forms in Aristotle and Alexander of Aphrodisias.”

2.10-2.30  Tea / Coffee

2.30-3.25  Richard Beniston (PhD student, Durham University) — “Grounding goodness in nature: Seneca’s response to a Platonist problem in the Natural Questions.

3.25-3.45  Tea / Coffee

3.45-5.00  Angela Hobbs (University of Sheffield) — “The Erotic Magus: Reason, Eros and Magic in Plato’s Symposium.

5.00-7.15 (NOTE AMENDED START TIME) Book Launch (incl. drinks and nibbles): for Jamie Dow’s Passions and Persuasion in Aristotle’s Rhetoric (Oxford University Press).

7.45 onwards  Dinner at a nearby restaurant.*

Directions to the centre are here.

The reading group is in English, you should bring a copy of the translation with you.

We pre-read papers, so that most of the time in the afternoon presentation slots can be devoted to question and answer, and discussion. Please notify Jamie Dow of your intention to attend (j.dow@leeds.ac.uk) so as to ensure you receive the papers in advance.

There is no charge, and turning up on the day is ok, but it would be helpful to have an indication by email of intentions to attend, especially if you would like to attend the dinner: email Jamie Dow j.dow@leeds.ac.uk

* the dinner (but not drinks) will be subsidised by the Centre for the History of Philosophy for qualifying participants in the day’s workshop: that is those that are postgraduate students and staff of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and York, as well as for speakers.

Similarly, the White Rose Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi) will be able to reimburse travel between the White Rose universities for staff and students of those institutions (i.e. to Leeds from York or Sheffield).


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