YAPN Summer Meeting – Fri 23rd June, 2017 – Sheffield

The summer meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network (CHiPhi) will be in Sheffield on Friday 23rd June, 2017.

Details and programme are below.

We will meet for opening tea and coffee in room B23, in the Department of Philosophy, 45 Victoria Street, Sheffield S3 7QB*

9.30-10.00    Tea/Coffee

10.00-12.00    Reading Group Aristotle Rhetoric 2.3-4

12.00-1.00    Lunch (provided)
Department of Philosophy Room B23

1.00-2.30    “Socrates and Lysias in Plato’s Phaedrus”: Jenny Bryan (Classics, Manchester).

2.30-3.00    Tea/Coffee

3.00-4.30    “Theorem or Problem? Speusippus’ and Menaechmus’ contention on the right appellative for mathematical propositions”: Giulia De Cesaris (PhD Student, Durham)


We aim to pre-read papers to optimise the length of time available for discussion. Please do therefore contact the organiser to notify him of your intention to come, so as to ensure that you receive the papers ahead of the meeting.

There will be arrangements made for dinner from 6.30 onwards at a restaurant close to the centre of town and convenient for those who need to catch trains at the end of the day. Details will be finalised on the day, when it becomes clearer how many would like to come to an evening dinner.

Contact Information
Steve Makin
Tel 0114 222 0573 (direct line), 0114 222 0570 (departmental office)
Email s.makin@sheffield.ac.uk

* If you haven’t visited Sheffield before, and aren’t familiar with the location of the Philosophy Department, you can download a campus map for the University from
The department is building 161, grid reference G4, on that map

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