The Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network has been meeting regularly since October 2009 to support the research activity of those university staff and postgraduates working on Ancient Philosophy within Yorkshire who wish to participate.

Yorkshire, considered together, has one of the largest groupings of Ancient Philosophy specialists in the UK (behind Oxford, Cambridge, London), and we have a track record of regular collaboration and contact, in ways that afford support to the research of Postgraduate researchers and research-active academic staff within the region. The core of the network’s activities is its regular meetings, but the relationships fostered through these enable other kinds of collaboration to take place informally in between.

We are a major research grouping within the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (though our group of participants is not confined to the White Rose universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, we are formally part of the White Rose collaboration, within the Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi)).

Since spring 2010, we have been the ‘Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network – a research group of the White Rose Centre for the History of Philosophy’. We’ll use our existing shorter name, “YAPN” with “(CHiPhi)” added on the end, in most correspondence. The CHiPhi homepage is http://www.chiphi.eu/

We meet once a term (three times a year) for a day each time. The morning session is a reading group (in English) of an ancient philosophical text. The afternoon consists of the presentation and discussion of two papers, usually by those involved in the network rather than external speakers.

Meetings are open to all, are fairly informal in character, and rotate between Hull, Leeds and York.


Amber Carpenter (adc503 [at] york [dot] ac [dot] uk)

Jamie Dow (j [dot] dow [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk)

Antony Hatzistavrou (A [dot] hatzistavrou [at] hull [dot] ac [dot] uk)


4 responses to “YAPN (CHiPhi)

  1. I am an artist and trustee of Newcastle philosophy society relocating to North Yorkshire please can you send me your current event information and details where when etc and of all things philosophically stimulating in Yorkshire…
    Many Thanks & Best Wishes

    • Hi, Jane,
      You should be able to subscribe to an RSS feed from this site. That’s the easiest way to get updates – all our events (3 per year) and some others too are covered by this site. And that way the feed is under your control.
      All best wishes, Jamie

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  3. Niels Hermannsson

    Hi, I am a PHd student in ancient philosophy at Edinburgh University and I would like to be on your mailing list. For this I prefer to use my personal email accoount.

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