People – Academics

The Yorkshire region and the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network represents one of the largest groupings of Ancient Philosophy specialists in the UK. We are involved in active and regular collaboration in support of active Ancient Philosophy research carried out within the region.

Ancient Philosophers in Yorkshire (and/or involved actively with YAPN):

  • Amber Carpenter (University of York)
  • Jamie Dow (University of Leeds)
  • Stephen Everson (University of York)
  • Antony Hatzistavrou (University of Hull)
  • Malcolm Heath (University of Leeds)
  • Angie Hobbs (University of Sheffield)
  • James Lenman (University of Sheffield)
  • Steve Makin (University of Sheffield)
  • Christopher Megone (University of Leeds)
  • Liz Pender (University of Leeds)
  • Suzanne Stern-Gillet (University of Manchester)

We have also had some participation from those slightly further afield in Durham (George Boys-Stones, Luca Castagnoli, Philip Horky, Christopher Rowe), and St Andrews (Alex Long).

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