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Cancellation for The Stoics

The Stoics reading group at Leeds will reconvene on the 17th of June, but the meeting planned for tomorrow, Thursday the 6th has been cancelled.

I will be circulating the readings for the next meeting shortly


The reading group met last week to discuss the Long & Sedley reading on Impressions & Truth. We will expanding on the ideas discussed by reading about Definitions & Divisions.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 29 May, 2014 (a Thursday, as opposed to our usual Tuesday group) at the IDEA CETL in Leeds. This fortnight we will be reading Chapter 32 (pp 190-195). I recommend bringing along any questions regarding translation, as that has been a good part of our focus so far.

Stoics Leadership Reading Group @ Leeds IDEA

The reading group met today to discuss the Long & Sedley reading on Dialectic & Rhetoric. We focused mostly on normalizing what might have been the view on what exactly rhetoric and dialectic were and where they fit into the philosophy. A specialist in Latin would have been handy…

Our next meeting is scheduled for 13 May, 2014 at the IDEA CETL in Leeds. This fortnight we will be reading Chapters 39 & 40 on Impressions & Truth (pp 236-253). It would be good to return to the previous readings as well, to discuss the role dialectic and rhetoric played in Stoic teaching.

Stoics Leadership Reading Group at Leeds

Good Day philosophers, I would like to announce the next set of reading for our meeting at the IDEA CETL in Leeds on April 29, 2014.

We will be discussing Long & Sedley’s chapter on Stoic Dialectic & Rhetoric (pg 183-190). This is a short reading, but we discovered today that even three or four pages can fuel a couple hours of very interesting conversation. I highly recommend that anyone with access to both volumes of Long & Sedley to take a look at the Greek and Latin, as we found some interesting ideas mixed in with the translation comparisons. Continue reading