Postgraduate Opportunities

Yorkshire, with its extensive cluster of Ancient Philosophy specialists, is an excellent place to conduct postgraduate research in Ancient Philosophy.

Ancient Philosophy Postgraduates based at any of the Universities in the region have regular opportunities to interact with the research of academics in the YAPN network, and to present their work at meetings. Formal co-supervision arrangements are possible, particularly within the White Rose grouping (Leeds, Sheffield and York), and informal support and collaboration within the region is equally fostered by the network’s collaborative activities.

Postgraduate Research Funding

Funding opportunities that may provide support for Postgraduate research in Ancient Philosophy will be advertised where possible on this site. Interested students are also advised to watch for announcements on the websites of the individual universities in the region, and on the Philos-L mailing list.

The White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities has just won a major AHRC award to provide over 300 fully-funded Doctoral students over 5 years, the largest award of its kind. Students applying for doctoral study at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield or York may be eligible to apply for funding under this scheme. Doctoral candidates in Ancient Philosophy are strongly encouraged to consider this option.

Leeds International Research Scholarships – see here for more details. Deadline for applications in the 2014 round is 20th January.

University of Leeds: University Research Scholarships – Faculty of Arts. Details here.

Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied – fully funded PhD scholarships. Details here. Ethics-related, esp. Leadership Ethics (could be related to the rhetoric/dialectic project). Closing date: 24th Feb, 2014.

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