Research Projects

More complete listing coming soon …..

The Integrity Project (University of York – key contact: Amber Carpenter)

The Integrity Project explores the psychological, social, institutional and political preconditions for acting and speaking with integrity; those which undermine the possibility of maintaining integrity; and the consequences on individuals and societies of widespread failures of integrity. Our own areas of expertise are above all philosophical: ancient philosophical, ethical, and philosophy of mind and action. We welcome collaboration and ideas from any angle on the topic from anyone wanting to make a serious effort to understand what is at stake in integrity—having it, lacking it, and losing the possibility for it

Leading Minds (University of Leeds – key contact: Jamie Dow)

Leading Minds is a research project on methods of persuasion. It brings together ancient philosophical discussions of the skills of “dialectic” (in interactive dialogue) and “rhetoric” (in speechmaking) and contemporary ethical concerns about legitimate methods of leadership and influence. It will combine careful ancient philosophy scholarship to shed new light on ancient discussions, and careful inter-disciplinary work to bring the ancient arguments and claims into dialogue with today’s concerns.

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