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YAPN (CHiPhi) – 23rd January, 2015. Hull

The winter 2014-15 meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network (CHiPhi) will be on Friday 23rd January, 2015, at the Wilberforce Institute, Hull. Continue reading


YAPN (CHiPhi) 16th May 2014 – York

Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network (CHiPhi)
Summer 2014 meeting
Friday 16th May
at the University of York Continue reading

Dr. Vladimir Mikes – Stoics on Rhetoric – May 28th, Leeds

All are warmly invited to a Seminar at the IDEA Centre, University of Leeds.

Weds 28th May, 3.30-5.00pm, followed by drinks locally.

Dr Vladimir Mikes (Czech Academy of Sciences) on “The Stoics on Rhetoric” (exact title tba). Continue reading

Stoics Leadership Reading Group at Leeds

Good Day philosophers, I would like to announce the next set of reading for our meeting at the IDEA CETL in Leeds on April 29, 2014.

We will be discussing Long & Sedley’s chapter on Stoic Dialectic & Rhetoric (pg 183-190). This is a short reading, but we discovered today that even three or four pages can fuel a couple hours of very interesting conversation. I highly recommend that anyone with access to both volumes of Long & Sedley to take a look at the Greek and Latin, as we found some interesting ideas mixed in with the translation comparisons. Continue reading

Stoics, Leadership and Persuasion – Reading Group – Leeds

There is to be a reading group on topics related to ‘leadership’ in the Stoics, based in the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre from April to June, 2014. The dates and times scheduled are given below. (NOTE: times are all 9-11am, which is a change from some previous publicity)

The plan is to read a variety of texts (in English translation) related to the early Stoa, and touching on the way in which the Stoa itself was led, and the ways in which the early Stoics thought of the influence and leadership that (a) the leaders of the school exerted on its participants; (b) that Stoic teachers exercised on those coming to learn about Stoicism; and (c) that the Stoic sage was envisaged as exerting persuasive influence on the non-sage. Continue reading

YAPN (CHiPhi) – 22nd November, 2013. Hull

The autumn 2013 meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network (CHiPhi) will be on Friday 22nd November, at the Wilberforce Institute, Hull. Continue reading